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You leave the premises
without prior consent,

bail will be revoked.

If you’re involved in any crime,

bail will be revoked.

Maybe I should take the day off.

It’s gonna be fine.


Felix stole her bail money,

and we won’t get it back if she
steps foot out of this cabin.

Any excessive partying,
alcohol, consumption

or possession of drugs,

– your bail will be revoked.
– Bail will be revoked.


I will keep an eye on her,

if that makes you feel better. Okay?

It does. Thank you.

I think that’s about it.

Cool. Could’ve saved us an hour

and just said, “Don’t leave the house.”

Also, keep the landline
free so we can check in.

You don’t pick up,

we send an officer over.

Call me, beep me.

I could eat a million of these.

– I think I overdid it.
– Hmm.

– Wimp.
– All right,

stay out of trouble.

Mmm, I missed you.

I missed you, too.

Oh, I-I was talking to my burger.

Cell was clean. Not one pill

or a book.

She must’ve taken ’em.

Would appear that way.

– Find her for me.
– Mm.

You know how I love
being made a fool of.

Get our product back.

Then maybe we’ll kill her.

Just for fun.

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Oh. Sorry. I was trying to catch you

before you went into the shower.

Uh, but…

It’s okay, Felix. It’s nothing
you haven’t seen before.

Right. Yeah.

Because, uh…


Well, here. I got you something.

– You did?
– Open it.


Um… like this?


What-what is it?


For, you know, like,
lounging under house arrest.


Feels real fancy.

I didn’t know sizes or anything,
but I told the lady at the shop

that you were super tall and thin and…

Anyway, she, uh, helped me with it.

Thank you, Felix.

I love it. Thank you.

That’s really sweet.

Thank you.


I-I really am sorry that
I didn’t get you out sooner.

It’s okay.

It’s fine. It worked out.

Thank you.

Thank you for this.

Wow, that’s loud.

Uh, it’s probably
the dumb sheriff already.

Will you hand it to me?

Here. I’m gonna find
something for my stomach.

Such a wimp.


You think you can steal from me?


No. No, I see…

I totally see how you could, uh,

think that.

But the book I ordered never came.

Sorry, the nurse didn’t give you
my message?

I was told it was in your cell.

Oh, I didn’t…
I never went back to my cell.

Um… the guard said
that if the book came

after I was released though

that it would just get returned
to the library.

So, I mean, that’s…

where it has to be.

I’ll have it checked out today.

If my man comes back empty…

You’re smart.

I don’t need to tell you how this ends.

Okay. Yeah.


It’s fine. It’s gonna be fine.

Let me just…



Uh, hey, Felix?

Felix, can you come here
for a s… for a second?

What’s up?

Get in here. Close the door.


Hey. What’s the problem?

This is the problem.

– Okay…
– Open the front part.

You promise you’re gonna…

Yes. For the millionth time,

I will make sure Murphy
doesn’t leave the house.

Thanks. I love you.

I, um…

That’s, uh…

I didn’t mean that.

I’m not insane. We’ve been
together, like, a minute.

– Anyway…
– You didn’t mean that?

No. It’s been… a minute.


I’ll just, uh…

see you later.

Hey, Les.

I love you, too.



And now she’s gonna send
her guys to the library

to look for that book.

Okay, so say they show up.

We can just give ’em the drugs, right?

She made it very clear

that if I steal from her,

she will kill me.

So if her people show up here
and I’m just like,

“Oops, uh, here they are,”

– she’s gonna think that I lied.
– Okay.

And then what do you think’s
gonna happen?

– All right.
– I honestly think

the only way that I’m gonna
get out of this…


is if Paula thinks
that I never got that book.

All right.

So, we put the book back on the shelf

before they get there.
No one’s the wiser.

I can’t go anywhere, Felix.

By “we”

I mean “I.”

I can’t ask you to… do that.

You didn’t.

Take your shower. I got this.

I’ll go make sure Max
is distracted for a bit.

I’m sure my dumb sister has
him watching our every move.



What ya making?

Egg sandwich. You want one?


No, I’m good. Thank you, thank you.

– Huh?
– Mm-hmm.

Mmm, mmm.

The relationship ten, am I right?


The relationship ten, you know?

How people gain, like, ten
pounds during a relationship.

It’s a whole thing.

Even you aren’t impervious
to it, my friend.

You gotta remember,
you are human after all.

See ya!

I’m gonna ask you one last time, Thomas.

Do you know what this is?

Um… it’s a pill.

See, this is kind of an
“I scratch your back,

you scratch mine” situation.

Yeah, only I don’t know anything.


Guess we’re done then.

Just a little heads-up there, brother.

The three
that we talked to before you…

on their way to booking as we speak.

Good luck, man.


So I have heard something.

A yellow pill
and-and they’re calling it Bolt.

That’s all I know.

It-It’s around, but I don’t know
where it’s coming from.

No one I know deals it. I swear.

All right.

We’ll see if that flies.

So ten dealers in a row
have no idea who’s selling Bolt.

How is that even possible?

Maybe because sorority girl-types

don’t score drugs on the street?

Right. I guess all we
have is that handyman.

The adorable one they tipped so well.

– Should I bring him back in?
– Yeah.

In the meantime,
could you check his payment app?

I have no idea where the hell Josh is.

Josh, Josh, Josh.

So she made bail?

So somehow she got $200,000.

Yeah, I wonder how that happened.

Listen, I have reason to believe
that she’s dealing in prison.

I need a list of all her belongings.

Okay. Uh-huh.

Yeah. Right.

Okay, sweatshirt, jeans.

Wait, did she ever get
a functioning cane?

Wait, Pride and Prejudice?

An audiobook of Pride and Prejudice.

Did you check inside of it?

Yeah, did you check
the inside lining of it?

Oh, my God.

You didn’t think to check…

No, whatever. Thanks.

Okay. Max is in the garage

using my sister’s elliptical.

I’m gonna slip out now.

Be back soon.

How-how are you getting there?


– bus, I guess.
– Okay. Hurry.


– Oh, God. I’m sorry.
– Oh, my God.

My stomach’s really weird right now.

– Okay. Just go.
– Okay.

Be careful.

Dude, stop.

What are you doing, buddy?

You okay?

You okay, buddy?

Calm down. Lay down.

Lay down. Calm down.


I know you’re in there.

One sec.

God, yes, Josh. What can I do for you?

I’m here to collect the audiobook.

We both know what’s inside it.

An audiobook?

I have no idea… I don’t know
what you’re talking about.

– Murphy.
– What?

Come inside. Check it out.

You’re wasting your time, dude.

You’re not gonna find anything.

New text from Gene.

“Where are you, man?

Been trying to get ahold of…”

Just go home.

Shut up.

Let me guess. You didn’t find anything.

I know you took that book home.

Again, Josh,

I have no idea what
you’re talking about.

– Okay then.
– Okay then.



What was Josh doing here?

Who knows?

He’s like a stalker.

Where’s Felix?

Uh, I don’t know.

Said he had to run an errand
or something.

I’m gonna rinse off.


Text Felix.

Josh just showed up at the cabin.

I think he knows something.
Please hurry,

exclamation mark.

An errand? What errand?

I don’t know. But something’s up, and…

my car is still here,
so, wherever Felix went,

– he took an Uber.
– No.

Felix doesn’t have
any working credit cards.

Bus, maybe?

I’ll try to find him.

“Josh just showed up at the cabin”?


Where you off to?


Uh, I was…

I’m just returning a book for Murphy.

Really? She’s back for two seconds

and you leave to return a book?

They have very hefty late fees.

– So…
– Why do you look so pale?

It’s just my face.

You’re all sweaty.

Because I had 47 burgers.

Just… hop in. I’ll take you.



– You sure?
– Yeah.

Why not?

Where’s the handle?

Just touch it once.

Just-just swipe it.

– Okay, it’s not working.
– Swipe it.

It’s not… responding!

What’s wrong? What’s your problem?

You okay, buddy?

What’s wrong?

Max, can you come here?




Something’s wrong.

How long has Pretzel
been acting like this?

Like what?

He-He-He’s, like, hyper.

– He won’t calm down.
– He’s probably excited you’re home.

I mean, maybe, but he’d
usually calm down by now.

Where’s his food? Is he eating?

I think so.

Uh, you think so?

Looks like he ate a little.

What is this?

I don’t know, some organic,
raw bison stuff Lesley got him.

O-Okay, I’m sorry. No. He likes kibble.

– Yeah.
– He eats kibble.

– Mm-hmm.
– So you need to run to the store

and get him some cheap kibble.

– I’m not running to the store.
– Max!

Please. I am worried about him.

He’s being weird. I don’t know

if he’s not eating because he’s sick,

or because of this
disgusting food you got him.

– So please go.
– No, Murph.

You’re just trying
to get me out of the house.

– No, I’m not.
– Look, he’s obviously fine,

and you’re clearly up to something.

– Oh, my God.
– You know what?

Maybe if you didn’t lie
constantly to literally

every single person you care about,

maybe I’d actually believe
a word you say.

You used to love him a lot.
You know that?


I thought you were returning a book.

Yeah. It’s an audiobook.

She’s blind, dumbass.

God, you’re so annoying.


Right. Mason. She had
a library book delivered.

Yeah, can you tell me from where?

Thanks, mate.

Call Chicago Institute for the Blind.

Hello. Brendan Monroe.

Ah, hello, Brendan. Josh Wallace,

the Chicago Police Department.

I have some questions for you.


Is anyone in there?!

I just have to return a book.


So, what?

Should I just come back
tomorrow when it’s open?

Do you think drug dealers care
if that place is open or not?

They’ll bust in, and if that book isn’t

– where I said it was…
– Okay, I’ll figure it out.

Well, what are you,
what are you gonna do?

Relax. I got this.


Are you okay?

What’s the holdup?

They’re closed. Just gonna see
if someone’s in there.



Oh, my God, what a mess.

One bite. Come on.

Come on. You love tuna.

He won’t eat the stupid tuna.

– Come on.
– Just give him some time.


Cool. Thank you.

Come on, buddy. Please?

If Felix were here, he’d believe me.

Because he’s your little bitch.

You’re one to talk.

– Pretzel.
– What?

I’m sure Lesley didn’t force you
to babysit me or anything.


Now who’s the bitch?

I’ll get it. I’m sorry.



What are you doing here? We’re closed.


I’m your new volunteer.

The lady gave me the key.

What’s her name?

– The…
– Linda?

Linda sent me

to help you with the inventory.

She gave me the key.

– Ah…
– Yeah.

Do you know where this book goes?

Oh, it’s an audiobook. Pride and Prej…

Sorry, it’s…

I’m sorry, do you have a,

um, restroom? Where’s the restroom?

– Yeah, just down the hall on the right.
– Oh, that’s right.

Thank you. Thank you.

I’ll be right back.

Something is wrong. I’m not lying.

No, Murphy. Stop, okay?!

I’m not lying about my dog.
Something’s wrong with him.

Murphy, stop! I’m not going anywhere.

You’re not going anywhere. So just stop!

Did you eat some chocolates?


No. Why?


All right, here you go, buddy.
There you go.

You’ll be okay. There you go.

I still think we should have
taken him to the vet.

She said there wasn’t time,
and this was our best bet, so…

Okay. There you go, buddy.
There you go. You’ll be okay.

All right, come on.

There’s a little more right there.

Right there. That’s it. Good boy.

All right, well,

he drank it all.


I’m sorry, okay? I should have…

Yeah, you should have. You should have.

He’s gonna be fine.


Okay? I promise.

That’s it, that’s it, that’s it.

– Okay, good boy.
– There you go.

– Good boy. That’s a good boy.
– Oh, God.

– That’s a good boy. Yeah.
– Good boy.

Chicago PD. I called earlier.

Come on in.

Oh, my God.

What are you doing here?

What is Josh doing here?

– Josh is here? Did he see you?
– Of course not. I’m not an idiot.

What… What is going on?

– Just shut up, Lesley!
– Felix!

Felix, open up!

I know you’re in there.


Sir, this is a library.

I’m giving you one last chance!

What is happening?
Why is Josh out there?

I have no idea. He’s unhinged.

Felix, open up!

Ow! Ow, ow.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it.


– Ow!
– Tell me what’s going on.

All right.

This book is full of drugs.

Open the damn door!


They belong to a dealer
Murphy met in prison.

She accidentally took ’em,
and I guess he’s

onto her or something.

Sir, please, if I could
just ask you to calm down.

Open it. Open it!

All right, all right, sir.

I will do just that.
Just give me one moment.

Find the key here.

Are you out of your mind?

– Are you stupid? Are you stupid?!
– I know.

I know.

This is your last chance!

– He’s gonna bash the door down.
– Felix, there’s nowhere to run!

– Okay, let me think, let me think.
– You’re not getting out of here!

Hold on.

Geez, Felix…

Oh, my God.


What’s the plan here, Felix?

– I was gonna swallow them.
– What are you hiding?

Too many keys.

– Felix!
– All right.

Felix, I’m not going anywhere.

– Open the door!
– All right, all right.

I got it right here, sir.

Okay, here we go.

Don’t move!

That was evidence.

Evidence of what?

Hey! No! Josh, stop it!

– You need to go.
– Sir, please. Leave.

Felix. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

Are you okay? Look at me.

– What? Yeah.
– Are you okay?

I love how this kid’s
not even answering his door.

Well, we are cops, and he’s
probably dealing drugs, so…

Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
Shots fired. Shots fired!

All right.

We need backup and an ambulance, now!

Back door is open.

I didn’t see anyone. They got away.

Oh, my God.

No pulse.

Oh, my God.

So, clearly, he was dealing,

and pissed the wrong person off.


What’s in his mouth?

It’s a hundred bucks, remember?

– That’s what those girls tipped him.
– Okay.

So Task Champ gets an order.

They send their “handyman”
to deliver the drugs.

Client pays the company under the guise

of home repairs or whatever.

And this kid isn’t happy with his cut.

His clients sent him money directly,

and it bit him in the ass.

Yeah, you think?

Okay, I’ll get a warrant to
search the Task Champ office.

Text Felix.

What’s taking so long, question mark.

Let me know when you’re okay. Send.

Okay, let’s see if he’ll eat now.

I’m sorry I didn’t, uh…

It’s okay.

You have no reason to believe
a word I say.




What’s wrong?

– Just overwhelmed,
– I guess.

Such a bitch.

Shut up.

You can’t even touch me?

– No, I can touch you.
– Okay. Sure.

There. You happy?

You could have a concussion, Felix.

– I’m taking you to the ER.
– No!

Just bring me to a pharmacy
so I can put some pills in this.

Yeah, pretty sure drug dealers
can tell opiates from aspirin.

Well, I’m obviously just
trying to buy time

so they don’t kill Murphy.

Does it ever occur to you
that being Murphy’s friend

isn’t the healthiest choice for you?

The heart wants what the heart…

Oh, my God. I’ll be in the car.

Lesley Bell’s office. This is Kim.

Yeah, hi, Kim.

– What, I…
– Hi.

Okay, they’re not in there,

but I can explain everything, okay?

– Get him inside.
– Wait!

– He already called me.
– Great.

I’ll remove him from your schedule.

No, no, no, please. No, please.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, okay.

No, I can, I can explain!

Also, just as a reminder…

No! Stop! Whoa, whoa, stop! Felix!

No, Felix. Felix!

It’s an Illinois license plate.
It said NFC, I think.

It was a black SUV.

They have my brother
and they have a gun.

Please, please hurry.

They’re heading south on Green.

Hey, babe, what’s up?

Put Murphy on the phone.

What? Why? Is everything okay?

Put Murphy on the phone!

It’s Lesley.


The pills in that book
are gone; we flushed them.

And men with guns just took Felix.

Do you have any idea
where they’re taking him?

Why did you flush the pills?

Because Josh was pounding on the door!

Now, do you know where
they’re taking my brother?

I don’t know.

I don’t know. Here.

Probably to see if I have the drugs,

which I don’t now, thanks to you.

Who is this person
you got the pills from?

The one in prison.

Uh, her name’s Paula.

Last name?


– What are you doing?
– I’m gonna see

if there’s anything I can do on my end.

Oh, my God.

The cabin’s about an hour away,

so we have a little time.


Lesley Bell’s office.

Kim, I need you to call Peter
in the D.A.’s office

and have him send over everything he can

on Paula Romano, inmate at
the Illinois State Prison.

– Say it’s an emergency.
– Got it.

Really, Murphy? Come on.

– I can’t believe you right now.
– I honestly didn’t know

the drugs were in there.

– Can you say something?
– What do you want me to say?

I don’t know. I-I don’t know.

Look, we got… Murphy, we gotta go now!

I can’t. I can’t!

Murph, nobody cares about

your stupid ankle bracelet right now.

If they show up here and I’m-I’m gone,

what do you think they’re
gonna do to Felix?

So that’s it?! We’re just sitting ducks?

– This is insane, Murphy.
– You go.



Go. This has nothing to do with you.


No, I’m… I’m not leaving you.

You already did, Max.

We both know what, what it, what…

What I am. I’m…

I’ve been home five minutes,
and look at where we are.

Lesley’s good for you.

Go have a life with her.

You’re happy.

Just go be happy.

No, I can’t.

Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

I’ll talk my way out of this.
I’m charming.

It’ll all be okay.

– Go. Okay?
– No. If something

were to happen to you,
I could never forgive myself.


Go, go. Hurry.

Before they get here. Go! Go! Hurry.



So I suspected Murphy
smuggled in the drugs

in an audiobook, which I traced.

Lo and behold, who do I find
flushing the drugs?

None other than Felix Bell.

Josh, we actually needed
your help with these pills.

I had Leo going through
transactions all day.

That’s not his job.

They’re related, I’m telling you.

Okay, so you actually saw the drugs?

No. No. No, I was too late.

They’d already flushed them.

But think about it. Think about it.

Would Murphy ever in her life
read a romance novel?

Murphy’s literary preferences?

That’s-that’s what it is that
you’re bringing to me?

– Well, well…
– You know what? Enough, Josh!

That Brad kid, he’s dead. He’s dead.

You know what, man?

Why don’t you take a break.

– An extended one this time.
– What?

You-you can’t, you…

I’m done defending you, man.

Leave your pass with the guard.

Murphy, I’m staying here with you.

And there is nothing you can say
to convince me otherwise.

Hey. Hey.

You’re an idiot.


Any word on the warrant
for the Task Champ office?

Uh, not yet.

This-this is kind weird.
Lesley Bell called the cops.

Oh, seriously, I don’t ever want to hear

any of these names again.

Felix Bell was kidnapped.


An Illinois license plate.
It said NFC, I think.

It was a black SUV.

They have my brother
and they have a gun.

They’re heading south on Green.

– That is weird.
– Right?

There’s an APB out for any black SUV

starting with NFC.
We’ll see if we find them.

You’re gonna have to pull over.

And you, not a peep.

– Understood?
– Understood.

Sir, please get out of your car.

What’s the problem?

This vehicle’s been reported
of suspicious activities and…

Okay, I think I found
some stuff we can use.

Got a shovel, some rope.

I think that we can, you know, make…

Reenact Home Alone? This is ridiculous.

– You don’t think they have guns?
– Do you have a better idea?

Yes. So many. I just haven’t
told you any of them.


– Now you’re gonna throw things?
– Okay, look,

can you not give me a hard
time right now, please?

Maybe if you’d stop acting
like a psycho, I would.

– I’m trying to figure a way out.
– There is no way out!

You coming back here was stupid. Okay?

This is not how I want to spend
the last moments of my life.

Oh, I’m sorry, how do you
want to spend them?

I’m sorry.



Come here.

How much time do we have?

I don’t know. Probably not much.

You’re not my lawyer.

Not yet.

I’m here to make you a proposition.

– Oh, God.
– Huh? What?

They’re here.

Shh, Pretzel. Be quiet.

I want to represent you
under the condition

that you get your guys
to leave Murphy Mason,

Felix Bell and Max Parish alone.

All right, let’s go.

Pretzel, stop!

I got a lawyer.
He’s working on my appeal.

Yes, and I know your attorney.

I’ve gone against him
a few times and won.

Each time. He’s adequate.

I’m excellent.

Wait, hang on. Please,

please, please. Please.

– Or what?
– You don’t deliver,


pay the price.

Hey, Paula. What’s up?



What’s happening?


I’m okay.


Lesley made some deal

with, um, Paula, apparently.

Oh, my God.

Felix, I’m so sorry.

You okay?

I think I need a minute.

Thank you. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Oh, my God.

You can’t keep secrets like that from me

– ever again, okay?
– Okay. Okay.


Fortunately, his car cam
picked up the guy’s plates

before he took off.

NFC724. Black SUV.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Black SUV that’s license plate

start with “NFC”?

Must be the same car that
Lesley Bell called in about.

And get this… I ran the plates.

It’s registered to Task Champ.

Okay, so Lesley…

calls and says that Felix is in the car,

a car that is now linked to Bolt.

Well, Josh did say

that Felix was flushing drugs.

As crazy as this sounds,

this may all just lead back to Murphy.

She’s on house arrest.

She gets Felix to move her drugs.

Things go south.

How the hell did Josh figure this out?

Oh. Ow.

“Ow. Ow.”

Come here.

You okay?

Yeah, we all are.

That was, uh…


Thank you.

– Thank you, Lesley.
– Sure.

I need a drink.

– Let’s get out of these clothes.
– Yeah.
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