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Where is he?

The tracker worked.

He’s arriving on Jabiim as we speak.

Lock down the facility.

If we seal them in now,
they can hold out for days.

If we cannot break them…

It is not them we need to break.


You’re not serving him.

You’re hunting him.

Fall back to second position!



May the Force be with you.

Inform Lord Vader,

Kenobi is ours.

You’re not bringing him to me.

I’m bringing him to you.

Did you really believe
I did not see it, youngling?

Revenge does wonders for the
will to live, don’t you think?

If he’s found you, if he’s
learned of the children…

I’ll head to Tatooine.

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Something you wanna say?

I have something to say.

Wait your turn.

You can have what’s left when I’m done.

I’m looking for a farmer

named Owen.

Increase firepower.

At once, Lord Vader.

Hyperdrive’s almost ready.

Move all power to the rear shields.

We’ll head for Tessen.

Get you out from there.

We’re not gonna make
it to Tessen, are we?

Motivator’s shot.

Power couplings are bad.

I’m workin’ on it, but those
shields won’t last forever.

How much time do you need?

More than we have.

It’s okay.

It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

They’re scared.

She keeps their minds off of it.

Maybe I should borrow her too.


What do you need, kid?

We need a new belt for the speeder.

A certain somebody broke the last one.

Your uncle’s a patient man.

I am not that patient.


There’s something you need to know.

No! No way! You can’t
just leave me here!

I’m the one that Vader wants.
If I go, he will follow.

– I’m not letting you!
– Leia, please.

Wait, what happened to
all of us staying together?

Roken needs more time to fix the ship.

This will give him that time.

You’ve spent ten years
protecting the Jedi.

This is my chance to return that favor.

But we’re so close.

Roken, you know this plan makes sense.

– No, we need you!
– It’ll buy you the time you need.

You must get these people out of here.

You are all the future.
You are the future.

You’re what needs to survive.



I find she needs to
be given space. Just…

You must promise me that
you’ll get her home, Haja.

As soon as I’m in the clear.

You have my word.

Although, I know the word of a liar

and a fake Jedi may
not mean much to you.

It’s good enough for me.

All right, go on in.

Go on.

What is it?

Come on inside.

How did she know he was here?

I don’t know. All I
know is she’s coming,

– Ben is gone.
– Whose fault is that?

We need to leave, Beru.

We need to take Luke and hide somewhere.

Where? In the desert?

I’m not leaving my home. At
least here we have a chance.

If we stay, we’d need help.

I’m not putting anyone
else in danger, Owen.

We’re enough.

You and me.

Beru, what are you doing?

We both knew this day might come.

She’ll come when the suns go down.

Best we get positioned now.



I talked to her.

You’re welcome.

You said you’d take me home.

I wish that I could, Leia.

Really, I do.

Please tell your father I tried.

I have something for you.

Roken found it before we got out.

She would have wanted you to have it.

It’s empty.

Well, I wasn’t gonna
give you a blaster, Leia.

You’re ten years old.

But you won’t always be.

Come back.


I promise.

I have to face him, Master.

Whether he dies or I do,

this ends today.

Are you ready?

Dropship’s all set.

You don’t have to do this, you know.

We can still fix the drive.

I have to go.

It’s not about us, is it?

You want to do it.

It’s about you and him.

Just keep them safe.

Keep yourself safe too.


There are not many leaders left.

People follow you.

Don’t stop.

I’m just getting started.

We’re tracking an escape craft.

There’s one life form aboard.

That’s him.

My Lord, we must continue
our pursuit of the insurgents.

Now is our chance to wipe out
this network in its entirety.

We cannot prioritize one lone Jedi.

He is not just any Jedi.

Follow Kenobi.

At once, Lord Vader.

Come on.

Now, Luke,

I need you to listen to me.

The Tuskens are on the hunt again.

They’re raiding farms along the wastes.

So stay in here.

If anything goes wrong, you
know what to do. You run.

I’m not afraid.

I know.

Everything’s gonna be fine.

It’s gonna be okay.

Prepare my ship.

I will face him alone.

That’s the perimeter.

She’s here.

It’s time.

Have you come to destroy me, Obi-Wan?

I will do what I must.

Then you will die!

Go! Go! Go!



Your strength has returned.

But the weakness

still remains.

And that is why you will always lose.

Did you truly think
that you could defeat me?

You have failed,


You really love the boy.

Like he’s your own.

He is my own.

What do you want?


Beru, she’s coming!


This is the end for you, my Master.

Admit you are beaten.

You cannot run, Obi-Wan.

I see through the lies of the Jedi.

You’re my enemy.

You should have killed me
when you had the chance.

I do not fear the dark side.

I am what you made me.


Anakin is gone.

I am what remains.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, Anakin.

For all of it.

I am not your failure, Obi-Wan.

You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker.

I did.

The same way, I will destroy you!

Then my friend is truly dead.












Where is he?

He’s gone.

I’ll look in the Dune Sea.
We’ll search till we find him.


I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t do it.

I failed them.

He killed them all,
and I couldn’t do it.

You haven’t failed them.

By showing mercy,

you have given them peace.

You have honored them.

Have I become him?


You have chosen not to.

Who you become now,

that is up to you.

Now you’re free.

We both are.

The probes are tracking
every system within range.

We will destroy everything
in our path until he is found.

You seem agitated, my friend.

He will not evade me again.

I wonder if your thoughts

are clear on this, Lord Vader.

Perhaps your feelings for your
old master have left you weakened.

If your past cannot be overcome…

Kenobi means nothing.

I serve only you, my Master.

All right, let’s go, young lady.
We don’t want to keep your…

Is that a holster?

I love it.


You said there were many ways to lead.

Looks like I was right.

If I’m going to do this, I’m going
to want to change a few things.

Then let’s change things together.

So, who is it today? More cousins?

Not exactly.


Who am I to separate a
young lady from her droid?


– Thank you.
– Of course.

We can never repay you.

Well, she has already done that.

I missed you.

I fear for her future.

The Empire grows stronger

and bolder.

Well, if you ever need my help again,

you know where to find me.

Let’s hope that day never comes.

So, what’ll you do now?

I don’t know.

What do you think I should do?

I think you should sleep.

I think you’re right.


when I said before that I
didn’t know your parents…

Princess Leia Organa,

you are wise,



These are qualities that
came from your mother.

But you are also passionate

and fearless,


And these are gifts from your father.

Both were exceptional people

who bore an exceptional daughter.

I wish I could tell you more.

It’s okay.

You don’t have to.

Thank you.

Will I ever see you again?



If you ever need help
from a tired old man.

But we must be careful.

No one must know, or it
could endanger us both.

Goodbye, Obi-Wan.

Goodbye, Princess.

May the Force be with you.

What are you, uh, doin’ here?

I thought you were
gonna keep your distance.

And I will.

You know, you were right.

He just needs to be a boy.

The future will take care of itself.

The only protection he
needs now, Owen, is you

and Beru.

Take good care of him.

I will.


You want to meet him?

Hello there.

Master Qui-Gon.


took you long enough.

Beginning to think you’d never come.

I was always here, Obi-Wan.

You just were not ready to see.

Come on.

We’ve got a ways to go.

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